Ciça Ohno

Maria Cecilia Ohno, Brazilian of Japanese descent, born in São Paulo in 1966, body artist  - performer, poet, ceramics apprentice - body and scenic advisor, master of arts with the dissertation entitled A arte no corpo - The art in the body, with a degree of body arts from Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp, and coordinator of Casa do Vento that houses the Jardim dos Vento project



In 1994 she returned to Brazil and since then has been engaged in the implementation of seitai-ho and do-ho in Brazilian lands, conducting activities aimed at the sensitive body and its relationships with scenic and literary creations, as well as ceramics and sho - calligraphy.

Main performances

Rio adentro - fugaku piece


Iki - Respiração - fugaku piece


Tabibito – Traveler - fugaku piece

Velho lago – Old lake - fugaku piece

Caminho da lua – Moon’s path - fugaku piece

Lua nova – New moon - fugaku piece

Moc ka do - fugaku performance

Jardim de brisa – Breeze garden - fugaku piece


From childhood her training encompasses various art fields. She studied classical dance, popular and classical guitar, classical piano, painting, ceramics, tap-dance, jazz, modern and African dance, and naturalistic theater. Participated of Choir - the scenic coral of Colégio Santa Cruz. Poetry was chosen by her for literary expression.

After acquiring her undergraduate degree she resided in Japan for three years, where she studied butoh with Kazuo Ohno and his son Yoshito, noh with Osamu Kobayakawa of the Tessenkai Kanze School, and seitai-ho and do-ho with Masanori Sasaki and Toshi Tanaka, by which experience she paved her way for both life and art. She took part of the meetings held at Inogashira Park. She was also introduced to the practice of zen – zazen. She worked as a live model in art schools and held workshops of dance and drawing.


Body and ccenic guidance

Introduction to the sensitive body - workshop in the Oe project of Eduardo Okamoto, awarded with Funarte's Myrian Muniz theater prize of 2014

Introduction to the sensitive body - workshop for the project of Companhia Eliana Santana 2, sponsored by the XIII Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança of the city of São Paulo, in 2013

The body and scenic guidance for Daqui prali Hither thither, with Viviane Madureira, a project awarded with Funarte's Klauss Vianna contemporary dance prize and Funcultura of Pernambuco, in 2009

The general direction for Cacos de louça acaso quebrado – Potsherd broken chance with Jussara Miller, in 2001

The general direction for Quase mudo – Almost mute with Jussara Miller and Marinês Calori, general direction given, in 1992

The general direction for Declaro ação – I declare action with Jussara Miller, from 1990 to 1992

The body orientation for Queixa – Complaint, the general direction of the percussionist J. Dalgalarrondo, in 1990





As a poetess she wrote Quando todas as folhas caem – When all leaves fall, sponsored by Primeira Publicação de Livros – First Publication of Books – proac, in 2011, conceived and created by the Fu Bu Myo In group, in 2012 and published by Escrituras Editora, in 2013


Participated in the book of poetry called Pulso - Pulse, edited by Ohno Publisher, in 1981



As an apprentice of the ceramics master Kenjiro Ikoma, she participated of the III Exposição de Arte Craft organized by Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Japonesa in 2009


Sobre a solidão dos objetos – On the loneliness of objects – dance performance of the Cia. Três Pontos – Ciça Ohno, Cristina Samilstrato and Wellington Duarte – presented during III Festival Nacional Curta de Dança – 3rd Festival of Short Dance Pieces in Sorocaba and at the event Leitura do Corpo Japonês – Readings of the Japanese Body at Sesc Pompéia, in 1999

O vento que tece – Weaving wind

Conferência dos sapos – Frogs’ conference, with the choreography Sombras de um homem – Shadows of a man – dance-drama duo of Andrea Egydio and Ciça Ohno with sound effects of Toshi Tanaka, presented during O Feminino na Dança – The Feminine in Dance, at Centro Cultural São Paulo and Studio Nova Dança, in 1996

Afinal uma mulher – At last a woman – solo freely inspired on the play Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant written by Fassbinder, directed by Anderson do Lago Leite and Graziela Rodrigues, presented at Unicamp and Teatro Ruth Escobar, in 1990 and 1991

Courses and workshops

Introduction to the sensitive body - course at Ocariri in 2016, at Estúdio Laban in 2017, at CRD in 2018, at Casa do Vento in 2019

Body of clay - workshop held at Casa do Sertanista, in 2016

Introduction to the sensitive body - workshop held at SP Escola de Teatro, in 2015, course online in Quando todas as folhas caem project in 2020 and Do céu ultramarino project in 2021

Body of wind - workshop held at Canto das Ondas' space in Brasilia, in 2015

Do-ho course at Sala Crisantempo, in 2013


Introduction to the sensitive body - the extension course at Unifesp, in 2012

Seitai body and the word with the group Teatro do Instante of Brasília, in 2011

Orientation for pregnant women, since 2001

Seitai-ho course, in 2008

Katsugen undo club, from 1999 to 2003

Little club – activity for children, from 1994 to 1996

Mirrors – activity for teenagers, from 1995 to 1998