Fude do-ho intensive

Fude do-ho intensive is a practice of shodo - the path of the art of calligraphy created by Hiroyuki Noguchi, son of the founder of seitai-ho; fude means brush, and do-ho -  technique of movement; it is a technique of movement that involves the whole body in the use of the brush that carries out the art of calligraphy; this practice is an offshoot of do-ho and is thus recommended for people who practice it for some time.


This training begins with do-ho itself. Then ink is made - sumi suri. Shortly after, one holds the brush with his or her left hand and practices dots, straight, vertical, diagonal and circular lines with the flow of the body. Finally, it is decided what to be written on the washi - a special paper for shodo - and the movement is carried out with maximum concentration.

You can access the English page http://dohokids.com/fudedoho.pdf

It usually takes place on the third Saturday of each month.

If you are interested, check the date and the value in the calendar and contact Casa do Vento.



Haruchika Noguchi

there is no art when there is no creation
but form is not created
and form is not imitated
give birth to a living thing
but not to form