Hikari no mizu ni - On the luminous water 

a fugaku piece created by Toshi Tanaka in collaboration with the Fu Bu Myo In group

it is the very life of a word which resonates within the body

and originates the dancing, the singing and the sho - calligraphy art

sponsored by the sixteenth Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança for the city of São Paulo

and presented at Casa Sertanista in 2016

It is possible to access the video in full

A new version was carried out at the event 10th Visões Urbanas - "international dance festival  in urban landscapes" at Praça das Artes in 2017. 




                                           akatsuki ya      dawn

                                   hikari no mizu ni      on the luminous water

                                          tori wa tobu      a bird flies





general conception and body orientation       

Fu Bu Myo In group                                     




haiku e sho - calligraphy                              

scenic space and lighting design                    


graphic design and dyeing work                    




welcoming committee                                  

collection and materials                                


production assistants                                  


coordination and general production             





Toshi Tanaka

Toshi Tanaka 

Ciça Ohno 

Fernanda Mascarenhas

Angélica Figuera

Toshi Tanaka

nucleo Fu Bu Myo In

Yoko Muronoi

Fernanda Mascarenhas

Rogério Ortiz

nucleo Fu Bu Myo In

Gum Tanaka

Luciana Beloli

Fabio Almeida

nucleo Fu Bu Myo In

Yurin Tanaka

Gum Tanaka

Ciça Ohno

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