the sensitive body

in tune with its surroundings


creates a path


Jardim dos Ventos – Winds’ Garden

Casa do Vento is the centre – the residence which has been housing the project Jardim dos Ventos, coordinated by Toshi Tanaka and Ciça Ohno, since 2001. It is located in Embu das Artes, a city neighbouring São Paulo, in a region of abundant springs where the atlantic jungle is still widely maintained.

The activities occur in various places of the house: in the inner rooms – tatame room and kitchen – and in the outside spaces – flattened soil stage, wood stage, moss stage, wood, balcony and vegetable-garden. These are areas favouring a relationship of respect and reciprocity with the body’s nature and the environment.

Casa do Vento – Wind’s House

1. body education


regular and intensive courses, mutirões - communal activities, group workshops, individual and collective guidance, special readings

2. creation of the body


a movement of art alongside do-ho (the garden - place where the activities happen, fugaku performance, shodo - calligraphy art, noh theater studies, ceramics, book editing, CD recordings etc.)


3. exchanges


relationship between various fields of art and education, as well as cultures (Japanese, Brazilian, Indian, African, etc.)