Orientation for pregnant women

Orientation for pregnant women, and fathers, are practical lessons with the aim of retrieving the human instinct through the sensitization of the body. It encompasses the respect to one’s own body nature, the perception of inner rhythm, the attendance on the natural development of the body’s process and on the relationship with the baby, before and after birth. Tips on how to maintain the health of both mother and baby are also part of the process. All of these create conditions so that mothers can be tranquil and alert to the revelations that will certainly occur during such a special moment.


This is an activity that occurs only if there are pregnant women and interested fathers, so contact us at Casa do Vento and we will talk about all the details.

Ciça Ohno

after generating a new life
and of being able to give birth as pleasantly as an animal
we become a “seedling” and time changes
the seedling carefully grows
and when it is least expected
a flower blossoms