Readings of seitai-ho and do-ho texts are complementary to the regulars courses. They occur when it is necessary to theoretically introduce what is being practically developed. The originals are in Japanese, but there are English translations and it is possible to find the Portuguese version of Haruchika Noguchi's Order, spontaneity and body, and some do-ho texts of Hiroyuki Noguchi in Maria Cecília Ohno's dissertation A arte no corpo – Art in the body, found at the library of Unicamp. 


These readings may occur in two ways. First, when the teacher feels the need to theoretically introduce what is being addressed in current practice. In this case, the participants gather in a group, read the English version of a specific text and talk about what is being dealt with. Second, the practitioner may feel the need to understand theoretically what is being practiced. In this case, the teacher clears any doubts and recommends some texts and books on the topic.