There are four stages in the introduction to the proccess:

first stage – body of wind
sensibility and movement through katasdo-ho, yuki-ho, gasho, gyoki, ki in

second stage – the body with its full power
katsugen undo and initiation to the seitai-ho process

third stagenaikan body
inner perception of the body

fourth stagesubconscious education and taiheki theory


The regular course of Seitai-ho happens every Friday morning in Casa do Vento and now the Introduction to sensitive body on Monday morning. If you are interested, check out the value and the dates in the calendar and contact Casa do Vento.

Regulars courses

Regulars courses are weekly meetings for the practice of seitai-ho. There are two courses for beginners: introduction to the sensitive body and do-ho, offered in São Paulo. With a few years of practice, it is possible to go deeper into seitai-ho studies, in the classes taught in Embu das Artes.