Seitai-ho is a body education of Japanese origin, elaborated by Haruchika Noguchi during the first half of the 20th century with the goal of sensitizing the bodies, so that they may be able, by themselves, to retrieve the power of the instinct, to order their body and to live fully the natural growth process.


Life in its entirety (zensei)

only one who lives spontaneously

can sleep deeply
only one who lives fully

can die in peace

It is an orientation comprehending life in its entirety
founder Haruchika Noguchi (1911 – 1976)

Haruchika Noguchi

there exists an order in the flower’s beauty
a perfect order in the act of holding snow in one’s hand
when the natural order of a person’s body appears
they feel healthy

Sei means correct balance; tai – body and ho – technique.

Haruchika Noguchi