Toshiyuki Tanaka, Japanese born in Tokyo in 1960, fugaku performance artist, coordinator of the Jardim dos Ventos, vice-president of Associação Brasileira de Nôgaku, seitai-ho and do-ho teacher graduated at the Body Education Research Institute of Tokyo, and teacher of Faculdade de Filosofia, Comunicação, Literatura e Artes at PUC São Paulo, with the degree of Notório Saber in Performance Art

Toshi Tanaka


In 1978 he created the group Odd Jhon – punk rock band with Michio Kadotani

In 1979 he took part in the art movement of Japan – FLUXUS: Yasu Konishi and Yoshio Shirakawa, at Gallery Merde in Tokyo

In 1980 he participated, with Taco – rock group with Harumi Yamazaki, Toshiharu Osato etc, of the event entitled Jyoyokachi Bunkai Kojo, with Tamio Shiraishi, Ryo Goizuka etc. With this group he also participated of the workshop of Veda Music with Kenichi Takeda etc at Live House Minnor in Tokyo. In this very same place he organized Space Zyclon B Gass – an exhibition space. In 2012 was released a Taco CD, consisting of recordings made during that time

From 1981 until 1984 he participated of Seiryukai butoh group oriented by Nobuo Harada, disciple of Akira Kasai

In 1982 he created Mouth Peace – performance art group with Hiroshi Kawani, by which he carried out sound, voice and movement

From 1984 to 1994 he carried out meetings with performers and dancers at Inogashira Park. Among others he collaborated with Yoko Muronoi, Takuya Ishide, Kota Yamazaki, ARAI Shinichi, Ciça Ohno, as well as with the jazz, rock and contemporary musicians – Sachiko Kakuhari, Takehisa Kosugi, Yoshisaburo Toyozumi, Motoharu Yoshizawa etc

In 1996 he created the Fu Bu Myo In group and started giving collective and personal guidance in body research and art creation

Since 2001 he has been carrying out the activities of Jardim dos Ventos at Casa dos Ventos – centre of body education and art research. During the same year he began teaching at Faculdade de Comunicação Literatura e Artes at PUC/SP

From 2008 onwards, he has created and has been participating of Shoyoukai - noh study group



Takasago - participated as the shite of this play when presented during Imin Noh - VII Encontro de Nôgaku at Tucarena, with the support of Associação Brasileira de Nôgaku - ABN and Japan Foundation in 2015

Funabenkei – participated as the shite of this play when presented during Imin Noh – III Encontro de Nôgaku at Tucarena, with financial support provided by Associação Brasileira de Nôgaku, Japan Foundation and Fomento à Dança for 2013





Hannya - participated as an actor, narrator and sho artist - as the creator of the calligraphic title of Diogo Hayashi's film in 2014


Corações sujos - Dirty hearts - participated as an actor in Vicente Amorin's 2011 film





Bicycle action – crossing of the Eurasian continent – Tibet, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece, from 1986 to1988



Hikari no mizu ni - In the luminous water - recorded in Sapporo in 2012 and released in CD format in 2013

In 2012 was released a Taco CD of 1980


In 1980 he recorded Aiyoku jinmin jyuji gekijo– an LP with Keiji Haino, Touri Kudo, Tamio Shiraishi, Kenichi Takeda, Ryo Goizuka, Harumi Yamazaki, Toshiharu Osato, among others



From 1968 to 1978, Toshi studied plastic arts with the painter Tsutomu Miura


From 1976 to 1978 he studied at the Municipal Arts College of Tokyo, and learned traditional oil painting at Bigakko

He studied zen and sho with the master Sougen Omori of the Tetsushukai Rinzai School

In 1986 he began his seitai-ho process with the master Masanori Sasaki, studied do-ho and researched artistic creation based on this technique and under the guidance of Hiroyuki Noguchi; their relationship lasts until this very day

At the same time he studied noh theater with the master Osamu Kobayakawa of the Tessenkai Kanze School, thus starting an everlasting relationship

In 1994 he acquired a do-ho degree from the Corporal Education Research Institute of Tokyo, migrated to São Paulo and began his regular courses of do-ho at Aliança Cultural Brasil-Japão and at his own house



Main Performances


Hikari no mizu ni - In the luminous water - a fugaku piece


Iki - Breathing - a fugaku piece


Iki - Breathing - solo performances presented during the International Performance Art Festival of Hong Kong, Xiamen and Xiang, in 2014

Hikari no mizu - The luminous water – a solo performance presented during the Performance Festival of Toyama and at Bigakko in Tokyo, both in 2012 

Kaze no za – collaboration of Yoko Muronoi, Ikuro Takahashi and Toshi Tanaka, presented at the Inukai Gallery in Sapporo in 2012. There is a video of this presentation at

Tabibito – Traveler - a fugaku piece

Velho lago – Old lake - a fugaku piece

Caminho da lua – Moon’s path - a fugaku piece

Lua nova – New moon - a fugaku piece

Moc ka do - a fugaku performance

Kazaori – Weaving wind - a fugaku piece


Yamamba – collaboration of butoh with Yoko Muronoi, buyo with Yoko Mori and noh with Toshi Tanaka, presented at the Municipal Theatre of Kamakura and at the Japanese Embassy of Paris, in 1996 and 1997 respectively

Araware/boda - Express/division - solo performance presented at Kigoma Gallery in Tokyo in 1991

Tibet - solo performance held from sunset to sunrise during the Hakushu Festival organized by Tanaka Min in 1990

Mouth peace - a series of performances with Hiroshi Kawani at Nakano Terpsichore and with the collaboration of Kei Katou at the Creative House Gatty in Tokyo from 1982 to 1984